The Earths Transformational Shift

Connect your heart to ours, and focus within your heart center on love, then you can save the world!!

Your world is in a time of rapid change in which the veils that separate the human from the angelic realms continues to grow thinner.  This thinning of the veils is bringing about an increase in Angelic vibration which is creating a polarization of energies in your world. This polarization moves people into resonance either with fear or with love. Ultimately love will prevail.

Why is this happening now? The answer is because. Because it is necessary in human evolution. Because it is necessary in the evolution of your planet. Because it can. Because you are ready.

Fear is manifesting itself with great intensity in many forms including war, genocide, terrorism, insurgency, and civil conflicts. It is also manifesting in the form of insatiable greed and great economic imbalance. The haves cannot get enough and the have nots have so little. The problem is that no amount of having (be it land, money, power, material possessions, titles, or control) will overcome the driving force of fear. And this fear driven madness has no concern for people or the planet. If left to its own force it would destroy your world. But it is not left to its own force.

Love is manifesting itself with equally great intensity, but not yet in equally great numbers in your world. But numbers are not yet important. Only the power of love being brought through is. For it takes only a small amount of love to transmute a large amount of fear. You who are called to resonate with love know this to be true. You have seen this in your own life. You have seen this in the lives of those you love. The fact that you have the capacity and ability to open your heart to the vibrations of this realm means that you have answered our call and are a force of love in your world.

When we speak of love we mean the powerful vibration that can move from this realm into your heart filling it with peace and joy and a power that shifts consciousness. Shifts it into alignment with light and shifts it to be a force to transmute darkness.

You will know that you have been called into this shift when you feel an unrest in your being. As dissatisfaction for the ways of the fear driven world. A dissatisfaction with having more. A dissatisfaction with the fighting. A craving for solitude and peace. A need to be in nature. An affinity for the earth and those things that are natural. A love for those in need and a love for yourself.

As the force of fear moves through the four corners of your world, you will find that rapid change will occur, leading initially to increased instability and friction. It will at times appear to you that there is no firm place for you to stand. Nothing that is rock solid for you to use as your foundation. So long as you look outward to the material world, this will be true. That is why we ask you to be conscious of what is happening “out there” in the material world, but keep your focus and your energy concentrated on your heart center and the energy of love within you. This energy of love is rock solid. It is eternal and unchangeable. It is always available. It is your foundation when things around you are in transition. It is the only safe place for you to be.

Do not think of your inward seeking for the space of eternal love within you as hiding from the world, rather see it as we do, an action leading to the saving of your world. Your world’s current transformational shift has been pioneered by a few souls. Now it is being followed by many many more souls. Each soul who is called into the shift will anchor the vibration of love into themselves and through them into the world.

This is well underway. What started with a relatively small number of souls is increasing rapidly to more and more souls. Ultimately it will not be a great leader who champions the final shift but to a collective consciousness that receives the invitation and to the spontaneous openings of heart that will shift your world, a quantum step at a time, out of fear and into love. You will see many actions of peaceful protest and peaceful action. You will see sanity spread around the world and acts of loving kindness will become the norm rather than the exception.

We ask that you let us help you in this shift. For we can only help where invited. We ask you to remember to open your heart in prayer and invite us to help. Invite us to help you open your heart to love. Invite us to lift the burden of fear from you. Invite us to help you remember who you truly are – love incarnate in the world.

If you connect your heart to ours, and focus within your heart center on love, then you can save the world – starting with your inner world – then extending outward to touch the outer world one heart at a time.

Stevan’s comments on Angel Ariel’s message: For me, Angel Ariel’s words ring so true, but lately I find that I can at times get caught up in the world’s turmoil and I resonate with the collective energy of fear. When this happens, it seems hard to return to the energy of love once again. It feels like love is so far away. When this happens to me I have found that it is best to simply return to the basics. I heartlink to Angel Ariel and all of the healing angels of the energy field. I invite them in prayer to work with me and through me, to guide me, direct me, surround me, and protect me. I ask them to open my heart to love and I ask them to heal my pain. If there is a specific emotion arising, I ask the Healing Angel associated with that IET cellular memory area for special help. Often this is enough to bring me back into resonance again. If my resonance with fear is strong and this does not pull me back into the resonance of love, then I take a few minutes and do the Basic Level 5-Minute Empowerment process or the new 5-Minute WAG Healing Process which combines the power of the World Angel Grid with the power of the 5-Minute Empowerment process. In addition, as an ongoing clearing and strengthening of your energy field it is very useful to receive full IET sessions (either by self-treatment or through a session from an IET practitioner). You can also request the healing support of the IET Master-Instructor community via the Need Angelic Support feature of our website.