Perhaps The Best 5 Minutes of Your Life!

By Karen J. Puglia Well here I am again talking about the 5-Minute Empowerment! Those of you who have been around for a while know that I am always reminding people of the benefits of this technique that was learned way back in the Basic IET class. But I have to tell you it is one of the easiest, quickest, and beneficial IET techniques that you can do in a short period of time. If a client calls me between sessions with some anxiety, feelings of anger, sadness, etc., I do an absentee 5 Minute Empowerment and the report that I get back is that the negative feelings have lifted.

The 5-Minute Empowerment technique (illustrated in the Basic IET Manual on page 11) has many uses. In your busy, fast-paced life, it just takes five minutes to release stress, anger, fear, etc. from your energy body. Check out these ways to Empower yourself:

Uses for the 5-Minute Empowerment Technique 

  1. Mini clearing of negative emotions and feelings and imprinting of positive energy for yourself and others. Great way to start and end the day!
  2. Absentee
    a. When a friend calls and is in need of a session but there is not enough time in the moment to do a full IET session, do a 5-Minute Empowerment.
    b. As an IET practitioner, you may receive a call from a client who is having a difficult time. You can do an absentee 5 Minute Empowerment to help relieve the symptoms in the moment.
  3. Health or Alternative Healing Expos
    a. Set up a table with information about IET, your IET class schedule, and information about your IET practice. Offer to do a 5-Minute Empowerment session by having the participant sit in a chair. (Hint – have a chair for yourself, it saves your back!) Participants experience a mini session and feeling the change after only 5 minutes, they become interested in how good a full IET session would feel or become interested in taking IET classes.
  4. Information meetings and talks
    a. As a part of IET information talks, offer to do a 5-Minute Empowerment session on a volunteer after giving a talk about IET in general.