Optimizing your 12-Strand DNA

By Stevan J. Thayer

Optimizing your 12-Strand DNA can make your dreams come true that may unfold in your life when you are in need of them and spiritually ready for them. These aspects can be at any level from the 1st DNA pair (physical) to the 6th DNA pair (unity with the Divine) and will unfold at the divine right time and in the divine right way to support you in living your soul’s mission and manifesting your reach.

IET Master-Instructor Practitioners have the ability to optimize their own, and their client’s, 12-Strand DNA by focusing angelic energy rays using special IET sacred geometric symbols. Having your 12-Strand DNA optimized can facilitate this unfolding process by creating the optimal energetic environment helping the aspects of your DNA blueprint unfold that are perfect for the current point of your spiritual evolution.

A simple analogy might help to better understand this. Imagine a hiker taking a journey through the woods. The hiker starts out with a map and has a path plotted. They bring the equipment they need to easily make the journey along the planned path. Then somewhere along the journey the hiker deviates from the path they had originally planned. They end up having to climb a mountain to in order to continue their journey. If we were to optimize their journey at this point we would give them an update map based on where they were at the time and provide them with some additional equipment to help them climb the mountain. Then later in their journey, we might find they were unexpectedly at a river that they need to cross in order to continue their journey. If we optimize their journey at this point we could provide them with an update map and a raft.

Since you already have encoded within your 12-Strand DNA everything you need for your life’s journey, when your 12-Strand DNA is optimized by Master-Instructor level angelic IET energy, aspects of yourselves that will help you on your life’s spiritual journey can blossom in your life. When this happens, you can discover abilities like writing or teaching that you never knew you had. You can also discover new interests and causes that you become passionate about. You can draw to you people, places, settings and circumstances that will guide and help you. You can meet soul mates and soul buddies. And you can overcome fears that have been blocking you as you discover strengths and abilities that you never knew you had.

12-Strand DNA optimization is an ongoing spiritual process. Like the hiker in the woods, as you progress through your life’s journey and encounter new and different situations, having your12-Strand DNA optimized in each situation creates the ideal energetic environment to support the needed aspects of yourself to blossom.

Simply put, having your 12-Strand DNA optimized by the special IET Master-Instructor only techniques can open the doorways to your divine destiny in this lifetime and help make your dreams come true.