Meet IET® MI Trainer Sheila Tillich

From Fairport, NY

What first brought you to IET?

My interest in self-healing and personal relationship with Angels. I was looking for a more holistic approach with dealing in every area of my life continuing my self-healing journey and evolution. Many of my life issues caused inner turmoil. I knew they were coming from a DNA cellular level that was multi-dimensional. What I found with IET is new freedom and power I intuitively knew I had. IET allowed my intuitive abilities to be higher.

How long have you practiced IET and tell us about your journey in the modality?

I had been in recovery programs for years (1985) working on myself and understood higher-self spiritual tools. I had been working on my “issues in my tissues”. I intuitively knew there was more work to be done, that it was at a cellular DNA level where the blockages were preventing me from my souls’ purpose. These blockages need to be dealt with on a multi-dimensional level. When I heard about the Angels being involved, I knew I was following my life path. I have had a personal relationship with Angels since birth and felt and heard their guidance. As I began my journey of IET level training in the fall of 2013, with each level of IET training, I discovered my physical symptoms were disappearing. As I continued on with the Master-Instructor level in March of 2014, it allowed me to optimize my life with a higher frequency. This frequency modified my 12-Strand DNA allowing me to live and see my larger divine plan. When I took my Master-Instructor level, I had no desire to actually “teach” IET. However, my divine plan had that potential there. IET changed my life by allowing my souls’ divine plan to manifest helping humanity change one heart at a time.

If you are a practitioner of other modalities, tell us about them and what do you find unique about IET?

I have spent most of my life learning, practicing and teaching the healing arts in both conventional medical settings and holistic healthcare. Besides being an IET® MI Trainer, I’m a Unity Field Healing (UFH) Practitioner (Supports Quantum DNA), USUI Master Reiki Practitioner, Licensed HeartMath® Mentor, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, B.Msc., and Metaphysical Practitioner. IET has fully awakened my spiritual consciousness to a higher vibration; enabling me to be in touch with my higher self at all times while still remaining grounded here on Earth. IET has provided practical tools for doing so. As a Lightworker and way-shower, IET has helped me help other Lightworkers heal their “Issues in their tissues” so they can do their divine soul’s purpose and mission. It has helped them with their Ascension with this Great Shift of Consciousness we are experiencing.

Tell us about the feedback you have gotten from those you have taught or provided sessions for.

My feedback has been profound. Many have expressed a spiritual cleaning and felt energetic and angelic healing of past traumas/pain. They were unburdened and cleared, able to breathe easier, feel lighter and filled with joy and love for themselves. Many have said the IET sessions helped release old limiting thoughts, patterns of emotional baggage that no longer served their soul and purpose. The sessions have allowed them to grow into a calmer confident person, facing their fears. The more they come for sessions, the more their lives improve. They go from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, to confident, capable, and in control. I hear this over and over again. As a teacher and trainer, many have stated how I’ve been able to help guide them to move forward on their spiritual empowerment path. To release their past and embrace the now. That I not only heal but teach from a place of authenticity. My strength as a teacher shows as I share from a real-life perspective which allows students to stay engaged. My classes allow for the curious to be satiated through hands-on training which allows individuals to begin using their skills they are being taught immediately. I teach from an emotional connection because we are all Earth Angels. As a healer and teacher, my joy comes from seeing their pain released allowing them to SEE their own magnificent power to heal in every area of their lives. Seeing my students – get it – their joy, peace and empowerment are divine!

Please share a special highlight during your experience with IET.

I had a client who was deeply depressed and suicidal. He not longer wanted to live. Period. He was ready to check out and I was his last hope. That was his exact words to me. He was a successful Interior Designer with his own business and was ready to leave this earthly life. The man that walked into my office was not the same when he left. Through our work, he was able to heal and understand why things were the way they were. He finally had hope. The baggage and pain of this and many lifetimes were released as we worked together for many sessions. The life dream he never told anyone about, which was revealed as we tapped into his soul star, manifest after three weeks. When I tapped into his soul star mission, I revealed to him what came through – I saw – lights, camera, and action like in the movies! He cried as he shared his dream was to work in Hollywood designing sets. Three weeks later he called to tell me the rest of the story. He was called to work on a new movie set that was to be filmed less than an hour away! This has been one of my most profound experiences as a Practitioner because, during those sessions, I saw many layers of trauma from many lifetimes released that stopped him from living his souls’ purpose. >From past lives torture to present life situations no longer causing his pain. All undeniable evidence through the magnificent healing with our beloved Healing Angels. I love being an Earth Angel helping others heal and evolve into their divine purpose! I am truly blessed and honored to live my soul passion and mission.

How has your work in IET benefitted you personally?

From a physical level, I no longer have diagnoses of years ago. No more Fibromyalgia, depression, alcoholism, codependency, healed childhood and adult trauma, and I take very few prescriptions. My IET DNA recalibration came right from the beginning of the IET Basic class. When I finished my IET Intermediate class, I didn’t feel energy yet, however, I followed my intention of being a conduit for the Angels to work through me. I intuitively knew my life path has always been a healer and the Angels were helping me. When I did my IET Advanced class, I just kept doing session not really “feeling” as an Energy Intuitive. I went on to the MI’s level for me. I knew I needed to and was my purpose. The night I came home from my MI training with Stevan Thayer, March 2014, it was profound for me. Angel Metatron woke me and told me I was stepping into my role as a great healer. I argued with Divine Angel Metatron and said, “How do I do this”? His reply was, You teach what you know, you’ve LIVED it!” Immediately all the IET Angels stepped into my darkened room showing they were all there too. They told me this is my purpose, this is why I’m here. Since my first encounter with the IET Angels in my Basic class, I’ve stood strong knowing why I am here – To follow my souls’ spiritual potential. To show others how to find and follow theirs. To stay out of the fear. Help others live their lives through heart-centered compassionate love. To live their divine potential knowing the Angels have always been with them and will never leave. Yes, I am an Earth Angel – changing one heart at a time.