Meet IET® Master-Instructor Stephanie Houssin

From Pas De Calais, France

What first brought you to IET?

I think I was “guided” to get to the IET: I went to see an osteopath who worked on cellular memories in 2013-2014; I asked him to help me find my mission. Not very talkative, at the end of the session, he said to me “You should read the book of the Violet Flame”. Very read on personal development, I bought this book and I read it in two days. Then I applied the decrees of the Violet Flame as it was specified in the book. And impatient, after a few days, I said to myself “it doesn’t work”. So I put my book in the drawer of my bedside table …

A few months later, I was dismissed … Unwell being deep, anxieties, fears, so I redid the decrees fervently for 2 months … and there, the circumstances began to develop until the day I fell back on the information of this training … I could not carry out this training: I did not have the money … And the miracle happened: I had an envelope for my birthday 1 month before my birthday by my parents … Everything was in place for me to participate … So I wanted to register and the training was complete … But 15 days before the training, I received a call telling me that I could participate: I then asked if there had been a withdrawal and not, the training, Delphine Morizot, had decided to welcome me … and so I did this: I drank all the words of Delphine, I was on my cloud, I LOVED but really LOVED this training.

When I discovered that we were using the Violet Ray during the sessions, it was an electric shock for me … or rather for a revelation following the visit to the osteopath 1 or 2 years ago …

How long have you practiced IET and tell us about your journey in the modality?

I practice IET since July 2015 and since then, IET … it’s my life … YES, EIT is my main professional activity … I LOVE this technique.

And in 2017, a desire from the heart was awakened in my little heart … that of becoming “Master Instructor” … and once again, all the circumstances were in place so that I could become one (in answering your questions, I fill again with Pure Joy) … but, I admit, it didn’t happen as quickly as I wanted: not speaking English correctly (I just the school level where I manage well but from there to hold a conversation in English, it scares me), so I resumed classes to learn to speak English correctly … And at the same time, I had contacted a lady in the Netherlands who was doing this training in August 2018 … She was only taught in English and there was no training that was taught in French. Only, after having finished my English training, I felt that I was not ready to follow this higher training because I still did not speak English correctly

I was then discouraged and I lost faith so much that becoming “Master Instructor” was close to my heart …

After 2-3 months of discouragement, in November 2018, I decided to make my vision board and post on it that “I had become a Master instructor” … Then in January 2019, I don’t know not why, I contacted Valérie and Olaf, in France, to find out if they did not know a trainer who taught in French the session of Master Instructor …. And there, again, the miracle happens … Olaf said to me “If you still have a little patience, we will do the training in Florida next October (2018)

If you are a practitioner of other modalities, tell us about them and what do you find unique about IET?

So I was trained in February 2019 as a Master Instructor … and since pure joy develops again and again in my little heart: I am fulfilled with the power, thanks to the angels, to heal one heart at a time. ..

And what marvels “the stages of transformation” … I am full of joy to animate these stages … to be able to experience the Unit in Action … I LOVE, I LOVE, I LOVE the EIT. ..

During the last stage “Being Love, Living Love”, we all cried of JOY by blessing each Angel and Stevan to thank them for making us live this wonderful energy of Unconditional Love

Tell us about the feedback you have gotten from those you have taught or provided sessions for.

All the people who received sessions, the few people I trained and the few people who participated in the transformation stages are more than amazed to know these celestial energies … I have only good feedback: a better being, a marvelous rapprochement of their true being,

Please share a special highlight during your experience with IET.

Experiences … I have a lot of experiences to share

A lady came to see me, she was 67 years old and still working, she was also a therapist … She came to see me because the content of my flyer on the EIT attracted her without knowing why. She explained to me that she had been married at a young age and had had 3 children … Then she divorced … But her husband, being a doctor, had done everything to have custody of the children … Indeed, having a very large social network, social services came to her house, without warning her, and took her children away from her … She was forbidden to approach her children … So she could not explain to her children that she was no longer going to see them … It was the deepest tear in her heart … But, being a Mom, she wanted her children who she missed so much … so she wanted to approach them within the school but the school being warned, she found herself in police custody … She, therefore, became afraid and no longer approached his children … until the age when his children became young. She managed to reconnect with 2 of her children and the third did not want to hear from her mother anymore …

And on December 23, 2015, I had to give her her third session and she contacted me a few days before to postpone the appointment, telling me that her 12-year-old daughter wanted to meet her: she reconnected with her son who ‘she hadn’t seen for over 30 years …

How has your work in IET benefitted you personally?

The EIT teaches me every day to get closer to who “I am” Truly … to center myself and balance my heart, to live, since I am a Master Instructor, to experience Unity in Action, to bless each day the people I meet, to live more and more while being Love and in Peace …

I AM WONDERFULLY fulfilled to animate the stages of transformation: I have no words … so these stages are powerful, brilliant; I am very touched and especially moved to live these EXTRAORDINARY stages.

And my dream TODAY is to become and be in my little heart a “Master trainer”. For that, it is undoubtedly necessary that I resume English lessons … but, before all that, the angels must also, without doubt, consult each other to decide if that is part of my mission of Soul of to be a Master Trainer

“We are blessed” …

Angels, Bless Stevan, the whole ETI community, all of humanity and our planet Earth