Meet IET® Master-Instructor Nancy Cohen

From Delanco, NJ, USA

What first brought you to IET?

I was brought to IET in 2009 through a practitioner who ended up being my IET Teacher- Debbie. She brought such love, ease and grace through the nine healing angels and I could feel the significant shift in how I felt from my very first session. I was already a Reiki Master for 6 years- but this healing modality was different. I loved everything about it and couldn’t wait to learn myself.

I have been practicing IET since 2009- and completed my IET Master Training in 2011. What a blessing this has been,

How long have you practiced IET and tell us about your journey in the modality. 

I have been practicing IET since 2009- and completed my IET Master Training in 2011. What a blessing this has been. I have taught students all over the country from Colorado, to Florida, to New Jersey and have run online sessions around the world. IET is the modality that continues to bless, give, support and light the way for those who come to it. Since I am a gigantic pet lover- I have offered this healing modality and trained other practitioners to bring the loving gentle gift of Integrated Energy Therapy to dogs, cats and horses around the world.

If you are a practitioner of other modalities, tell us about them and what do you find unique about IET?

I am an Uuis Reiki Master- which I love, but still prefer the gentle loving angelic vibration. I am also a teacher of Universal Rays Healing and find they have great similarities- they both work with Rays ( ours is the IET Violet Angelic Ray) and they both work with Angels.

They can be used to complement each other and/or stand alone,

Tell us about the feedback you have gotten from those you have taught or provided sessions for.

My clients from around the globe of all ages feel clearer, lighter, and filled up with self love again.

The students who are practitioners now- love the practices they offer and feel empowered to light one soul at a time.

Please share a special highlight during your experience with IET. 

My relationships during my healing sessions and classes has been incredible. Clients are able to release e-motions and hold themselves in love in the most incredible ways. The angels have never stopped assisting me or my students to be the best that they can be. It is a deeply satisfying experience to connect with the angels and witness how they assist others with their loving Heart Filled gifts.

How has your work in IET benefitted you personally?

Since I have been introduced to IET in 2009- I have not yet ceased to be amazed by the coincidences, shifts, connections and doors that have opened and closed simply by turning it over to the Angels to Guide, Direct, Surround and Protect as they assist me and all of my students on their paths.

This source of guidance and support is purely the absolute best.

Thank you, Stevan Thayer, and the IET Angels for working with us and through us and sharing their amazing gifts with us and the world. My practice has grown from a single client to a large and successful, thriving practice assisting people and pets in the most extraordinary of ways. Angel Blessings to all who read this.

Nancy Cohen