Meet IET® Master-Instructor Melissa Watkins

From Auburn, NY

What first brought you to IET?
I was brought to IET by putting the intention out into the Universe that I needed help moving to the next level in my spiritual development. I was stuck and felt I could not overcome hurtles in my life that were preventing me from living authentically and speaking my truth in a way that would be beneficial to others. I was trying on my own, however it was not being received as well as I knew it needed to in the hopes of helping others. The energy behind it was still preventing me from breaking free of the old energetic patterns keeping me in lack. I was brought to find a Master Instructor Teacher-Trainer and she became my mentor and helped me along my healing journey to realize my desire to overcome my old patterns.

How long have you practiced IET and tell us about your journey in the modality?
I began receiving IET sessions in 2019. I initially received three in three months to help me jumpstart my healing as I was already frustrated with working and trying to find solutions to my blockages. Those three initial sessions were life changing. I had clarity and gained new perspective in blockages around resentment and powerlessness that I had no idea I was holding on to in a way that was keeping me from realizing my own Sovereignty. I was able to let go of and forgive in profound ways that released me from my lack mentality especially around money. I had always ‘blamed’ others, circumstances and situations for my inability to thrive, when it was my choices and decisions being made from a place of fear that was holding me back: no one else. This release helped me to expand my goals and develop my services in a way that I had only dreamed of previously.

If you are a practitioner of other modalities, tell us about them and what do you find unique about IET?
I am also a level one Reiki practitioner. I was having good response from my Reiki sessions and I felt the energy as I preformed sessions, however with the IET I feel like the sessions are more beneficial as we are going into the “issues in the tissues” not just helping with physical ailments. I am now able to help with all areas of healing: spiritual, physical, energetic, mental and emotional. It is a more balanced approach.

Tell us about the feedback you have gotten from those you have taught or provided sessions for.
I think the treatment really worked because for the first time in many years I did not feel the pain chemicals release and cause me stress and sadness. I kept thinking about incidents like I usually do, but they didn’t in any way consume me totally with emotional trauma related pain. I felt lighter and more in control of myself I feel hopeful I can truly leave my past behind. -Dee, UK (Distance Session)

I was so excited and blessed to have my first ever IET session with Melissa in person! I didn’t really know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. It was so relaxing and I could feel the energy moving! I feel it continued to work long after the session. My dreams became very vivid and brought up old emotions I needed to put away once and for all. I am so happy that it is almost time for my second session. It’s amazing!! ~Sharon, NY

IET®… Integrative energy therapy is a unique meditative therapy that gives you long lasting therapeutic effects which continue long after the initial therapy session. It provides the individual self with a sense of power to overcome stress, anxiety, depression and other defeating ways of existing and being. It helps bring into center the true self, and guides and directs the person to a path of wellness and healing. It becomes possible to let go of past pains by identifying and connecting with the elements that make up the true spiritual being YOU ARE. The spiritual connections allow you to rid yourself of dysfunctional limiting thoughts they can help trap us In unhealthy patterns of behavior. -Becca, NY

Please share a special highlight during your experience with IET.
I have had many profound experiences working with IET as a client and a practitioner. Spirit joins us each time. I have had loved ones come through with messages for people, as well as Ascended Masters appearing as part of the team helping in the healing. A beautiful experience I have had is having the Earth Elementals appearing in the session adding their magic to the healing process. Many clients have expressed feelings of tingling sensations, color images, and vibration during the sessions that validated their experience of spirit communication and participation.

How has your work in IET benefitted you personally?
IET has transformed my life. I have been able to open up to channel and experience spirit personally for my own life decisions and experiences. I have been able to step out of the fear of lack and receive more support in my life in all areas. I am no longer help back by the hurtles of unworthiness, powerlessness and resentment that was not allowing me to believe in my worth to be able to live happy. This has been a profound journey. I am so grateful.