Meet IET® Master-Instructor Ann Shacar

From Lanesboro, MA, USA

What first brought you to IET®?
Like most energy work I was introduced quite synchronisticly, I attended an introductory class where we learned about the energy and were able to see and feel how it worked. When I say see I mean I actually saw this beautiful purple energy come from the instructor’s hands and I knew I wanted in.

How long have you practiced IET and tell us about your journey in the modality?
Well, I first took my basic class in 2013 and the next month the intermediate. the Advanced class came shortly after that. That class was amazing pulling all the stress and what felt like past burdens right out of me. About a year later I was able to take the Master class and was blown away. To once again see and feel the Angels playing with us as we heal our energy fields. I of course took Master again and if it the chance arrives I will for the third time. It is a beautiful experience.

If you are a practitioner of other modalities, tell us about them and what do you find unique about IET?
I have been practicing Reiki since 1997 which is what introduced me to the possibilities of Energy work. I work with other modalities also essential oils, crystals, meditation, and spiritual work. IET is different than Reiki in that it feels lighter. When you are giving and receiving a treatment it is like you are being hugged by Angels.

Tell us about the feedback you have gotten from those you have taught or provided sessions for.
I love teaching, the expression on students’ faces as they receive an attunement, and the moment they get what it feels like to feel unconditional Love is such a gift to me. Many are somewhat speechless because as you may know it is hard to describe the feeling but they are usually back for more. I have been told that I can hold the energy of the room so that the students can experience it.

Please share a special highlight during your experience with IET.
My favorite time is personal, when during my first attunement to the Master level, I was introduced to the Angels playground. I was walked in through these big gates and up to a window of a castle where 2 Angels kept telling go ahead you can fly, of course, I was nervous but with a little and encouragement and a think a slight push this energy soared through me and I was suddenly flying over the playground. When I returned to earth plane / the class I just sat there in awe feeling so grateful to have had this opportunity. That lightness of relieving your physical body of heavy emotions is like flying.

How has your work in IET benefited you personally?
IET has deepened my connection to the spiritual world and allowed me a way to find my child’s spirit again. It is wonderful when we can let go of the heavy “adultness” and learn to live like a child. In awe and expectation of the wonderful things that are all around us. Those things can be hard to see when we are blocked by heavy energy.

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