Loving Kindness

You can start your loving-kindness gift-giving through your loving thoughts.

A Message from Angel Ariel Channeled by Stevan J. Thayer

As your calendar comes to its annual close, people worldwide celebrate The Divine (which may be known to them by names which include God, Allah, Buddha, Yahweh, Tao, and Great Spirit) through wonderful religious holidays. This worldwide celebration of The Divine has at its core honoring the presence, and power of the gift of love that The Divine has brought into your world.

When it comes to the energy of love, we observe that people are not very good vessels for storing the energy of love, but they are magnificent channels for bringing the energy of love from The Divine through them to give to others. Giving the gift of love to others during your holiday season is the perfect way to celebrate, and honor The Divine and the true spirit of your holidays. And the perfect gift for you to give others this holiday season is the gift of loving-kindness.

You can start your loving-kindness gift-giving through your loving thoughts. This can include thinking kind and loving thoughts about the people in your life. It can also take the form of avoiding thinking negative thoughts about people in your life. Both are wonderful expressions of loving-kindness. A perfect environment to do this is in the energy of Homecoming. Homecoming is at its core an act of Divine Surrender, setting aside your human self-will, and allowing your Body and Mind to align with your Spirit.

You can enter into the energy of Homecoming by following the simple steps we have offered to you. These steps start with Heartlinks to the Angels and Heartlink to the World Angel Grid. This is followed by elevating your energy to the energy of Joy and from the energy of Joy, elevating your energy to the energy of Compassion, and from the energy of Compassion, elevating your energy to the energy of Homecoming.

While in the Homecoming energy, you can bring to mind a person in your life, Heartlink to them, think of why you are grateful that they are in your life, then bless them as you send them the energy of love as a token of your gratitude. You can repeat this process for each member of your family and your friends, your neighbors and co-workers, the people you like and the people you don’t like. As you offer your tokens of gratitude in this way, you become a radiant beacon, shining the light of loving-kindness outward to each of these people.

You can extend this process by creating a blessing bowl for all of the people you have touched with your energy of loving-kindness. Simply write on small strips of paper what your heart desires for the world to manifest for each of these people. Then put all the strips into a bowl and through the power of the blessing bowl process, you can send these people additional expressions of your loving-kindness.

You can extend your loving-kindness gift-giving activity even further. When you pass people on the street, at a shopping center, or in an office, silently Heartlink to them, bless them, wish them much joy, peace, health, and prosperity as you send them the energy of love over your Heartlink. Open your heart and let The Divine shine through you to them. You can even extend your loving-kindness in this way to people when you talk on the phone to them, text them, email them, or communicate with them in any way.

Another way to give the gift of loving-kindness is to avoid thinking about or speaking negatively about others. We invite you to put aside your judgments and let the energy of love move you into a state of forgiveness. This will help you to stop finding fault with others, complaining about what others did or did not do, or worrying about what others may or may not do. Rather than complaining about a family member, friend, neighbor, co-worker, or acquaintance, simply give them the gift of loving-kindness. You can either avoid a negative thought or statement by offering silence, or you can offer a wonderful positive thought or word of loving-kindness.

As you practice directing the energy of loving-kindness with your thoughts and words, you can begin to extend the energy of loving-kindness into your actions. This can take the form of a kind word or deed designed to help another person. Something that you know a person would appreciate.

Life may bring you a situation in which you see a person in need of your kindness, and a small quiet voice inside of you will whisper, “You can help this person”. Rather than dismissing the idea because you are too busy or it would be too inconvenient, simply stop and ask yourself the question, “Would it be alright for me to help this person?” Then, if the answer is yes, express your loving kindness by helping this person.

You can also proactively offer your gifts of loving-kindness to others even when they are not asking for your help. To do this, you can once again enter into the energy of Homecoming. While in the Homecoming energy, you can bring to mind a person in your life, Heartlink to them, think of why you are grateful that they are in your life, then ask yourself the question “What kindness can I offer to this person?” The answer (with the help of the Angels whispering in your ear) will spring into your mind. The answer may be for you to telephone them, cook them a meal, help them with their chores, sit and really listen to them share their feelings, or it may be to do something for them that they are not even aware that you have done. The key is the doing from the energy of love and gratitude, not what is done. For when you express your loving-kindness, you embody the presence of The Divine and honor The Divine with your actions.

You will soon find that loving-kindness is something that everyone enjoys receiving. It is a gift to the giver as well as to the receiver. One size fits all. It is never returned or exchanged. And it can be offered not only during your holiday season but also throughout your year.