Info About IET

Our IET community has grown to over 55,500 Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Master-Instructor students taught. This rapid growth in the size of the worldwide IET classroom is due to the loving work of the hundreds of IET Master-Instructors who have responded to their heart’s desire to teach, have faced their fears and, with the help of their angels, taught IET classes.

Growth of IET 2014 cropped

Here is what is typical each year for IET classes:

Number of Master-Instructors who taught 275
Total number of B+I+A Classes taught 1,200
Total number of students taught 3,500
The largest class size 20
The smallest class size 1
The average class size 3

Stevan Thayer is the creator of Integrated Energy Therapy®.  He is also the founding director of the Center of Being, Inc.  He is an ordained Interfaith Minister, a certified Reiki Master, author of the book Interview with an Angel, and a channel for Angel Ariel.

The Center of Being, Inc has provided holistic care and classes on a full time basis since it was founded in 1989.  The focus of the Center continues to be personal empowerment, self-healing and spiritual growth through the healing art of energy therapy in its many forms.

Watch and listen to what Stevan Thayer has to say about IET. He was interviewed while in Ireland, by Master-Instructor Delphine Morizot.

Interview de Stevan Thayer (Integrated Energy Therapy ® - IET) - 1ère PARTIE

Interview Part 1:

  1. What is Integrated Energy Therapy?
  2. How did IET begin?

Interview de Stevan Thayer (Integrated Energy Therapy ® - IET) - 2ème PARTIE

Interview Part 2:

  1. From IET Sessions to Classes
  2. First appearance of Angel Ariel
  3. Angel Ariel’s Contributions
  4. The arrival of 8 other angels
  5. IET and Your Soul’s Mission

Interview de Stevan Thayer (Integrated Energy Therapy ® - IET) - 3ème PARTIE (fin)

Interview Part 3:

  1. IET in the world today
  2. Stevan’s relationship with Angel Ariel
  3. A message from Angel Ariel
  4. A Question never asked before