Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)

Information About Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)– Learn more about the growth and history of Integrated Energy Therapy. You can also see an interview with Stevan Thayer.

Stevan’s Corner – Stevan Thayer shares his words of wisdom, announces new classes, products, processes and angel messages.

Thoughts from The Center of Being – Here are articles written by Barbara Stepniak or IET Master-Instructor Trainers. These articles share words of wisdom on a variety of topics for the IET community.

Integrated Energy Therapy Articles – Several articles have been published related to IET, so, we have posted a few here. Learn more information about Integrated Energy Therapy.

IET Techniques – This page discusses several techniques that have been developed for IET. You can Learn more about the Steps to Transformation and Vortex Technique.

Journal of IET – The Journal of Energy Therapy is a monthly newsletter that is emailed to all IET Students whom have emails for (and have not opted out) . The Journal of IET is also available electronically here on the website in Portable Document Format (PDF). The Journal contains articles of interest, schedules for Master-Instructor classes, and more.

Ask a Trainer – This page is filled with questions and answers about Integrated Energy Therapy®.  Ask your own question, or maybe we already have an answer for you here!

Testimonials – We have received so many wonderful testimonials, so we thought we should share a few with you!