IET Techniques

Steps To Transformation : The fourteen steps to transformation, brought through Stevan Thayer, each Step was developed and then presented at one of the IET Master-Instructor Reunions (Retreats). They can be practiced individually, or together as many times as you want!

World Angel Grid Details : The World Angel grid process was originally channeled information through Stevan Thayer from the angelic realm.  It evolved into the “Higher Steps to Transformation”.

The IET Gratitude Process : A simple 5 step process to enter into gratitude and raise your vibration to the vibration of love.

The IET Energy Vortex Technique :  As the IET energy spreads around the globe, Angel Ariel continues to bring us new ways to use angelic energy of the violet ray to support us in our spiritual self-healing journey. Stevan Thayer channeled the Energy Vortex Technique in April 2001. For a Flemish version: De IET energie-vortex-techniek

The IET Vision is the poem also called “In This Moment” and was Channeled by Stevan J. Thayer on Sept 11, 2001 from Angel Ariel, to help give guidance to the world during a troubled time.

The IET Vision Dutch Translation this page gives the Dutch translation of the IET Vision

IET Vision Hungarian Translation this page gives the Hungarian translation of the IET Vision

IET Vision Danish Translation this page gives the Danish translation of the IET vision