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Featured Master-Instructor


IET Master Level Instructor
Usui Reiki Master Teacher

I began my journey of working with energy by studying Usui Reiki with John Harvey Gray over 30 years ago. My path has lead me through an array of techniques for healing the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies…I have assembled a rather interesting and eclectic tool box. By utilizing and sharing my tools and techniques, I am committed to helping you increase your vision, allowing you to see your own path with greater clarity, compassion and understanding.

I create an individualized structure for your spiritual support and provide guidance as I build bridges and archways to help you understand where you are right now. Together we will address the Body, Mind and Spirit to help you access what is needed to achieve alignment and balance. Using approaches that are intended to help you progress gracefully in your own direction and provide opportunities to allow inspiration to unfold via Divinity together, our goals will include:

• Access your inner guidance & intuition.
• Find, restore & balance your energy flow - restoration of Wholeness
• Create your own sacred space
• To identify the right techniques and tools for your own growth

Thank you for the opportunity to provide a helping hand and surround you with graceful light as you travel along your journey


Sessions are available for (in person or remote):
Past Life Regressions via Hypnosis
Intuitive Readings
Shamanic Journeys

Classes available (most classes are also available on a private basis - please inquire):
Healing with Angels
Basic Level
Intermediate Level
Advanced Level

Reiki - Usui
Level I
Level II
Level III


"Early Bird" pricing available up until 2 weeks prior for all classes. Reviewing students are welcome!

This instructor has no classes scheduled at this time.

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