IET For Pets

Our “IET for Pets” class has the focus on cats, dogs, and horses and to teach how to offer a complete Basic Level IET session to these wonderful creatures.

 cindy with dogPrerequisites: Students must complete our Basic Level Integrated Energy Therapy® training class in order to take this class.

Description: Our IET for Pets class was developed for people with pets as well as people without pets who love animals. Our objective in designing this class was to focus on cats, dogs, and horses and to teach how to offer a complete Basic Level IET session to these wonderful creatures. The cellular memory in animals is in some ways similar to that of human beings, but is in many ways different. This class explores the soul’s mission of these three types of pets (through information channeled from Angel Ariel), details their nine cellular memory areas, their IET integration points, and the complete step-by-step session procedures. Only IET Master-Instructors are authorized to teach this class.

Class Length: 1 day (approx. 8 hours). This class is designed to be taught in one day, and typically runs from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. The actual length and times of class vary by individual Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructors.

Class Flavors:  You can take the IET for Pet class in one of two ways:

  1. IET for Pets Entire Class: As a stand-alone complete one-day class. IET for Pets certificate given upon completion.
  2. Combined (Basic & Pets): As part of a two-day “Combination” class where Basic level and IET for Pets classes are combined, resulting in knowledge of both human and animal energy fields and techniques.  Two certificates are given upon completion

Home Study: A home study course for “IET for Pets” is now available.  You must have completed the Basic Level IET training to take this course.  While we continue to encourage you to take the IET for Pets course from a Master-Instructor when available, we understand that this may not always be possible.  CE hours are not available for taking the home study course.

Class Materials: you will receive a fully illustrated 38 page Integrated Energy Therapy® IET for Pets Guide and an official Integrated Energy Therapy® IET for Pets Certificate.

Pets Cover          Pets Certificate lower res - with watermark

To see IET for Pets classes that are currently scheduled, click HERE.

IET for Pets Home Study Course

This home study course is now available!  The course consists of the IET for Pets manual, along with three audio CD’s – one covering cats, one covering dogs, and one covering horses (note: the 3 audio CD’s are part of the total program and cannot be purchased separately).  To purchase the home study course please go to our Pets Home Study.