How to Best Enjoy the Benefits of the IET® Ascension Messages

I offer you these suggestions of how to best enjoy or amplify the benefits of the Angelic Ascension Messages from the Crystal Library that I Channeled on July 1, 2011 and their uplifting, nurturing energy! Enjoy the process and be prepared for Angel Miracles!

Ascension Message Enjoyment Process

1. Prepare your sacred space:
Take care of yourself, sitting relaxed and well grounded in a quiet space.
Be creative by putting music that you love, lighting a candle, holding a crystal, a simple stone or other sacred power tool. For a more intensive session I love to surround myself with a circle of crystals, flowers, etheric oils, water and a few singing bowls (and other sound healing instruments), building a peaceful Crystalline Temple. I heartlink in gratitude to Mother Earth, my Crystals and their Light Spirits; for me they are the Crystal Library in itself revealing our true nature, the Divine Nature of the universe and the Pure Love Essence of our planet.

2. Heartlinks:
Heartlink to Angel Ariel and all the Healing Angels (1), to your special Angel, Soul guides and Master, bringing in your prayer invitation and gratitude, creating with them a beautiful sacred space. It can look like a temple or protective bubble of bright light. Sometimes I like to experience my sacred space being a garden, my peaceful Soul Garden, where I always feel loved and at ease.

3. Prayer/ invitation:
“Welcome dear Angels, thank you so much for your Divine Presence, protection and guidance. Please work with me and through me. May this process support the highest good and highest healing, as well for me as for all of creation and our magnificent planet. May all ascend to the state of unconditional Divine love and joy. May Love descend on Earth!”

4. Create a Heart Wheel:
Feel free to create a Heart Wheel by extending your heartlink (like spokes of a wheel) out to others: your family, friends, pets, even nature if you like…

Add more spokes to your Heart Wheel by sending out more 10 heartlinks (one to each of the 10 layers of the World Angel Grid). Shared Angelic love creates miracles we even can’t imagine…

5: Bring in an Angelic Starburst of Energy
Raise your hands and together with the Angels bring down a big starburst of highest Consciousness, knowing this is a gift of Pure Love, Oneness and place it in your heart. While you experience and enjoy in gratitude, you can hold a crystal or other pure power tool to expand, anchor and manifest more and more the state this starburst is bringing in. You have created a sacred space, an energetic temple, which is a multidimensional one – beyond time and space – anchored into this here and now – earth plane by your body and all the sacred nature elements.

Note: If you have experienced Transformational Step 12 – The Crystal Key Process you can do the automatic Re-activation to help you go deeper into this unity in action-aspect, imprinting your crystal tools with the energy of the Crystal Library.

The Divine Presence will guide you gently through this process, supported by the IET Angels, to open you for deeper levels of love and crystalline purity; Ascension is the Divine descending on Earth!

6. Spin the Heart Wheel:
A Golden Heart Wheel of Divine Creation, supported also by the angels, connects your heart with the heart of all the Healing Angels, surrounding you in a circle of Delight. You realize that, while the Angels are those Universal Beings, they also reflect and are the aspects of your own magnificent Divinity. On another level the Heart wheel is reflecting your daily life. Let’s play.

The Angelic Heart wheel is spinning in a clockwise direction, clearing and healing issues on the DNA levels. The IET Angels empower your Divine blueprint more and more, supporting you getting insights and revealing beauty with the Ascension messages. Spontaneously you will experience shifts of Oneness in this process because the Angels do all the work, activating it through perfect synchronicity.

7. Read an Ascension Message
You may read out load one message, slowly. The sound of your voice supports your creative power to express your Love and unique gifts. The Heart Wheel stops spinning; be aware of you and the Angel bowing to each other, merging into Oneness. Experience silently how the words actually are touching you. Feel free to also activate the IET integration points of the area that this Angel heals and empowers. Be aware of your feelings and body sensations and enjoy the play. Express Angelic gratitude…

The Heart Wheel is spinning again…after a while, read another message and experience this Angel, that is one with you, talking in you, revealing the awareness of who you are. Pay attention… Feel the energy that comes through the words and sounds. No need to study with your mind… put your inner child on your lap and explore; take your time opening up to the process which naturally will unfold; every message is a doorway to paradise as a state of being universal Love, Peace, perfect knowing.

Finally the Heart wheel is pulsating sweetly, stops spinning slowly. Show gratitude when your intuition tells you this aspect of the process has completed for now.

8. Grounding
Always add final balance, in deep respect/ gratitude; add grounding, touching your feet.

Possibilities to practice
It’s nice to use the Ascension Messages integrated with all other techniques, which you already developed with IET. You can follow the sequence of how the messages are ordered in the text, walking through a few of them each day. Otherwise you pick them intuitively
Another nice possibility is to work through a nine-week program. You travel through the process of the 9 Healing Angels one by one. For a whole week you will empower one level in the body supported by one specific Angel, adding the Loving Ascension Messages transmitted through the Angel.