Every human being is driven by a deep inner longing to live their life’s essential action

By Angel Ariel, Channeled on 1-1-09 by Stevan J. Thayer

Every human being is driven by a deep inner longing to live their life’s essential action, fulfill their soul’s mission, be who they were created to be, and to enact in the world, without fear or reservation, the full, glorious, expression of their Divine Energetic Potential. They also long to trust life and live in the Divine flow where synchronicity opens door after door, supporting them in bringing their gifts into the world. This inner longing is encoded into their DNA, it is part of who they are.

When a person’s energy field vibrates with the vibration of love, they discover (Envision) their Divine Energetic Potential, claim (Embrace) it through self-will, and ultimately bring (Enact) it into the world through their life’s essential action as a wonderful expression of their soul’s mission. They are, what we call, living in the Dimension of Love. They bring their sacred gifts of creativity, wisdom, healing, and service into the world. Their actions are caring and moral. Other people are divinely guided to want, seek, and receive their gifts, and they synchronistically meet these people and enter into sacred relationship with them. As the divinely orchestrated giving and receiving cycle takes place, both the giver and the receiver enjoy increased feelings of satisfaction, fulfillment, purpose, security, and healing. They feel supported by life, and a part of something bigger. And the gifts feel sacred to both the giver and the receiver.

Through a process we call the Earth’s Transformational Shift, your world is being infused by an increase in the vibration of love that is aimed at ultimately having every human being live in the Dimension of Love, Enact their Divine Energetic Potential, and live their soul’s mission. Yet as you look around you in your world, you currently see the opposite taking place in many instances. The cause for this incongruity is the energy of fear. Every human being is given the gift of free will. Free will can either lead a person to surrender into resonance with the divinely created vibration of love, or it can cause them to struggle against it, creating the dissonant vibration of fear, and they end up living in what we call the Dimension of Fear.

Fear is a very contagious energy and currently many people in your world are living in the Dimension of Fear. When a person is infused with the vibration of fear, it is not their Divine Energetic Potential that guides their life and actions, but rather it is their Ego’s insatiable self-serving need and greed. It is their Ego’s needs that are Envisioned, Embraced, and ultimately Enacted in the world.

There is a significant difference between the fear-based actions driven by Ego’s need, and the love-based actions driven by Divine Energetic Potential. Ego’s fear-based actions cause individuals to strive for more, more, more, as though there is never enough. They strive for more money, more status, more experiences, and more “things” to enhance their self image. The more a person strives, the more time feels like it is speeding up. This leads to the belief that there is not enough time, which drives people to work more and more hours a week. All the while these individuals ignore the negative effect that their actions have on themselves, your planet, the plants and animals you share your planet with, or even the well being of other people. Furthermore, as the Ego orchestrated giving and receiving cycle takes place, both the giver and the receiver enjoy only a temporary feeling of happiness. After this feeling of happiness has passed, the Ego looks “out there” into the world to find the bigger house, the better job, the newer relationship, the newer things (car, clothes, electronics, jewelry), the more exotic travel, whatever will satisfy the Ego’s new set of needs. This fear-driven outward seeking has lead many people in your world away from their soul’s purpose and into a frenzy of Ego driven actions – grab as much as you can get – spend as much as you can spend – live for today and ignore tomorrow’s consequences. The Ego driven giving and receiving cycle ultimately leaves the giver and the receiver feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

While many people are living in the Dimension of Fear, other people are cycling between the Dimension of Fear and the Dimension of Love. These people have followed and practiced the gifts of healing that we have taught. They are healing their pain, opening their hearts, and they are beginning to live in resonance with the ever increasing vibration of love. This transports them into the Dimension of Love. Furthermore, from within the Dimension of Love, they have raised their vibration and received the angelic gift that you call joy. Many have even gone beyond the precious gift of joy and not only entered into states of compassion, but also they have shared their gifts of joy and compassion with others through what you call the World Angel Grid. And when the energy of fear brings them back into the Dimension of Fear, they practice the gifts of healing that we have taught and bring themselves back into the Dimension of Love once again. Each time they travel between these two dimensions, they spend a longer time in the Dimension of Love.

The energy of love is far more powerful than the energy of fear and even a small amount of love can overcome a large amount of fear. The number of people in your world who currently resonate with the vibration of love has reached a sufficient level that it is beginning to tip the scales from fear to love. As this happens, the fear created world, like a house of cards, is beginning to collapse, and a Homecoming is beginning to take place.

When we say Homecoming, we do not literally mean a return to the dwelling of your childhood, but rather, we mean to return to the mission of your soul and the activity of bringing your sacred gifts into the world. This Homecoming will empower you to follow your heart, do what you love most, connect with your passions, reveal your creativity, and cultivate your sacred relationships. Homecoming is built upon the activity of consciously aligning yourself with the ever increasing vibration of love and spending more and more time in the Dimension of Love. This involves periodically turning your attention away from seeking worldly treasures and towards seeking the sacred treasures within. Inward seeking requires less of the doing and thinking associated with worldly seeking, and more of being and feeling. While the thinking mind is essential in order to focus the lens of your awareness, it is feeling, and more specifically your heart’s ability to feel love, that will bring you home to your true self.

We invite you to set aside time every day to withdraw from worldly concerns, heartlink to our vibration, and follow our teachings to open the angelic vibration of joy within you. Use your joy stone to bless yourself and everyone in your life. Awaken your Heartseeds of Compassion and allow the energy of compassion to help you heal your pain and suffering. Then, send the power of your compassion, through the World Angel Grid to end the pain and suffering of all people in the world who still live in the Dimension of Fear. Send your compassion to all of the plants and animals you share the planet with. Send your compassion to the planet itself. Send your compassion to end all pain and all suffering everywhere. Then simply just be. Focus your awareness on the feelings within. Notice the energy flowing, tingling, and buzzing. Be aware of the peace, love, and joy. Enjoy your aliveness. Honor your sacredness.

As you spend time in Homecoming, your body will increase it’s alignment with the vibration of love. You will experience increased synchronicity in your life. You will meet people who will help you live your soul’s purpose. Some will help you Envision elements of your soul’s mission and you will be filled with excitement and possibilities in what you see. Others will help you Embrace you soul’s mission through their support, encouragement, and aid. While others will open the doors that will enable you to Enact your soul’s mission. You will see the sacredness of your relationships with these people. You will be amazed at how life invites and encourages you to express your heart’s desires and bring your dreams alive. You will find that you live increasingly in the present moment, the now, and time will seem to slow down. You will ever increasingly see the sacred in the every day events of your life. Ironically, even your Ego will find that it is more satisfied and fulfilled with your soul directing your actions.

If at times you fall into resonance with fear, simply take a spiritual time out and practice Homecoming. The more you practice Homecoming the less you will be affected by the contagious vibration of fear and the more you will be able to live in the Dimension of Love. As you practice Homecoming you will also find that it becomes one of the most enjoyable and important parts of your life.

Homecoming is an initiation for you to help us with our mission of healing the world one heart at a time, starting with yours.