For All Practitioners

This is a page where we will list information we think could be useful to IET Practitioners, not necessarily Master-Instructors who want to teach IET classes.  If you have a request for something specific to be added, please send your request to

Many of these forms can be copied and pasted from the webpage into Word (or other program) so that you can modify them with your personal information.

Practitioner Code of Ethics:

If you are an IET practitioner, we request that you read and agree with our IET Practitioner Code of Ethics (we don’t need your signature on file, your angelic intention is enough).

Practitioner’s IET Brochure:

If you’d like to download a copy of our IET brochure (in Word) for Practitioners, click here . If you are a Master Instructor, you can find another brochure for you in the “For Instructors Only” section.

Sessions that deal with Relationships:

We have found that IET provides wonderful support for clients who want to focus on healing issues that they are having in their relationships. Click here to read the article by Stevan Thayer on how to work on relationships with IET sessions.


Many Practitioners (and Instructors) connect with clients and students through Facebook. Click here to read the article by Master-Instructor Trainer Edmond Carroll about using Facebook in marketing your services.

Working Cellular Memory Areas 7,8 and 9

Some IET Practitioners try to save time when treating cellular memory areas 7, 8 and 9 by starting with the left side and treating 7 left, 8 left and 9 left in sequence, and only then moving to the right side and treating 7 right, 8 right and 9 right in sequence. Click here to read the proper way to treat these areas during a session.  For more details (from Stevan Thayer) on the correct sequence for treating Cellular Memory Area 8, Click here.

Remote Sessions:

As an IET practitioner, you’ve probably had a lot of experience with hands-on IET sessions with your clients. But have you tried using your Integrated Energy Therapy techniques remotely? Based on Master-Instructor Trainer Michelle A. McCarthy’s experience and the responses from her clients, it has been shown time and again that remote sessions are VERY powerful. Read more from her by clicking here.

Client Consent Form:

This is a consent form which can be used by the Practitioner with their client before starting to work together.

IET at Expos:

Read about taking IET to Expos, with advice and experiences shared by IET Trainer Michelle McCarthy.

Discount Massage Tables:

Looking for a discount massage table? Click here for more information.

Trademarks and Copyrights:

As an IET Practitioner, we ask that you honor our Trademarks and Copyrights. Click here for more details.

Our IET logo is below (.jpg file).  This is just the logo itself and can be put on any of your advertising (business card, brochure, etc).  For a very high-resolution version (for a vinyl banner for example), contact Barbara Stepniak at

Practitioner Insurance:

Are you working with a company that provides insurance to IET practitioners? Let us know, and we will add it to the list! Click here for insurance information.