MI Angelic Reunion

Being Love, Living Love MI-Only Angelic Reunion

Align with the unity wave and experience the Unity Shift!!

Description: Join Barbara Stepniak from The Center of Being, along with IET Master-Instructor Trainers Maria Kramer, Edmond Carroll, and Keith Horwitz for a fabulous IET MI Only Angelic Reunion centered around Step 14: Being Love, Living Love. This is the first Center of Being hosted IET MI Only Angelic Reunion in 7 years. The Center of Being has come together with Maria, Edmond, and Keith to offer you a one-day reunion so that the IET community can come together and connect as we have done in past Angelic Reunions. Experience the energetic power of these three experienced Master-Instructor Trainers as they take you through the Being Love, Living Love process.

Hosted by: Barbara Stepniak and The Center of Being, Inc.

Led by IET Master-Instructor Trainers: Edmond Carroll, Keith Horwitz, and Maria Kramer

Click HERE for the Woodbridge, NJ, USA October 19, 2019 Details


In this reunion you will learn how to:

* Build your very own personal angelic energy grid which will be
woven into your human energy field by the angels.

* Enter into a deep state of being where you can experience pure unconditional love.

* Establish a unity heartlink connection with others embracing their essence
into your heartstar and together entering into a state of pure unconditional love.

* Bring unconditional love into every aspect of your daily life.


In this moment I will live the angelic ideal.

In this moment I will love rather than judge.

Reunite with fellow IET Masters and make new friends

as we reunite and have fun joining together to

Align with divine reality!!!