MI Only Events

After you have become an IET Master-Instructor, we offer additional classes and events that only you can attend!  The purpose is to support you in your on-going journey, to offer an environment where you can review what you have learned, get together with other Master-Instructors, ask questions, practice techniques, and have fun!

We currently offer the following additional classes for Master-Instructors Only:

How to Teach : This is an enjoyable one-day class spent reviewing how to teach the most popular IET classes: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Healing Angels, and Steps to Transformation. Increase your confidence in a comfortable setting with other Master-Instructors who are also interested in reviewing and practicing everything you will need to be able to teach these IET classes with confidence. To learn more, click here.

Raise your Reach and Deepen your Practice :  Join us in this one-day class where we explore a deeper level of you, using many of the IET tools and techniques currently being taught in our IET Master’s class, and apply them during this workshop to support you in receiving your Reach. You will identify and claim your reach using techniques such as the Blessing Bowl process, use of Sacred Geometries, a focused Mini Vision Board process and much, much more. To learn more, click here.

MI Angelic Reunions : This is a one-day event where you can play, learn, and re-connect with your fellow IET Master-Instructors (who have graduated by the time of the Reunion).  The theme changes yearly. To learn more, click here. Typically, a $50/€50 non-refundable deposit is requested to secure your space. Each Trainer registers attendance at the Reunions, so contact them directly if you are interested.  You may also contact them if you don’t see a Reunion in your area, but are interested in attending (or hosting) one! In addition to the MI Angelic Reunions there are also IET Angelic reunions, which are open to all IET students. Click here to see the schedule for those reunions.

MI Teleconferences: These one-hour calls are free to all IET Master-Instructors.  Each call focuses on a different topic of interest.  The call is a forum to share ideas and issues with each other. Participation is encouraged (it’s not just a lecture). To learn more, click here.

IET Masters Share: a get-together of IET Master-Instructors to practice techniques and provide support to each other. Similar format to the above; however, some techniques require being a Master-Instructor, so this Share is only open to Masters.

To see these classes and events for MI’s only that are currently scheduled, see below.







March 04, 2018
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

How to Teach (MI only)
Entire Class

Via Video / Skype Conference


Maria Kramer