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Class Name: Intermediate

Location: White Farmhouse

White Farmhouse
White Farmhouse

Riverview Farm
216 Colby Lane
Toms Brook, VA, USA

Class Description

IET Intermediate Level attunement further clears your personal energy fields and refines your 3rd and 4th pairs of DNA strands to synch you up with high vibration healing energy. Build on the body of knowledge from Basic Level, learn techniques to read energy fields and effectively clear physical, mental and emotional sticking points. In the spirit of IET, remove the issues from the tissues for good, and replace them with sublime angelic vibrations for energetic support that sets a new stage for life experiences. Learn many self healing techniques and remote healing.

Date: July 23, 2022
Time: 9:30 AM-6PM
Instructor: Janice Williams
Location Description: Join Basic, Intermediate and Advanced class series at the beautiful spacious farmhouse by the Shenandoah River. Nestled at the foot of the mountains on a bend of the River, set among emerald green fields, the farmhouse is a dynamic setting for energy classes. Reserve your room at the farmhouse for an immersive experience of your energy class / retreat. Let the powerful energies from the location and angelic connections magnify your learning experience. Receive all the energy that the river, mountains and fields so generously supply! Master Suite $100/night, 2 bedrooms avail for only $75
Student Price: $250
Student Early Bird Price: $225     If Registered By: 06/23/2022
Deposit: $225
Reviewers Price: $200
Reviewers Early Bird Price: $175     If Registered By: 07/10/2022
Reviewers Deposit: $175
Lunch Description: The farmhouse has a large, fully equipped up to date kitchen. Please bring lunch, or we can order locally. Snacks, tea and coffee will be provided.
Maximum Number of Students: 12
Maximum Number of Reviewers: 4
Notes: Basic- Intermediate and Advanced IET Levels, when taken as a 3 day series are discounted $100. Take all 3 and save! Basic- July 22, 2022 Intermediate July 23, 2022 Advanced July 24,2022

Contact Details

Phone: 703-309-4917

About Janice Williams

I live in Toms Brook, VA, next door to the White Farmhouse IET class location. I have 2 pet cows on the farm, they are my big wonderful boys! I work with animals as well as people and find IET a transformative healing modality and support for all. I have been practicing energy work professionally since 2010 and have been an LMT since 2012. I am also a 300 hr certified yoga teacher. I love teaching IET, which I see as a groundbreaking series of classes, because I see students' energy light come on with the angelic connection that comes from the attunements. IET is powerful, gentle and super effective- everything you want or need from an energy healing class. IET continues to change my life and has moved my energy sessions to a level of therapeutic connection and benefit that I have not seen in Reiki or any other system, and I make it my business to explore energetic modalities to bring the very best to my clients- people and animals too. It is my direct experience that IET can power other modalities to their maximum effectiveness. I am super excited about teaching at the white farmhouse on the Shenandoah River. Such a lovely and fitting location for an eminently lovely series of classes! My Shenandoah Spirit website:

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