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Class Name: Intensive (Basic & Int & Adv)

Location: Venice Florida

Venice Florida

Empowered Heart Center
Address given upon registration
Venice, FL, USA

Class Description

Join us for a deeply empowering and profound 3 day weekend filled with healing, fun joy, awareness, expansion of consciousness, clearing the past making space for the future, becoming more present in the now, raising your vibration to a higher frequency as you work with the angelic violet ray of the angels.

Basic Level IET “Get the issues out of your tissues for good”
Receive Attunement to the Basic IET energy empowering you to energize and integrate cellular memory blocks. Location and use of the IET energy integration power points and Introduction to Energy Anatomy and the Cellular Memory Map.
Learn and practice Angelic and Human Heartlinks®, 5 Minute empowerment sessions for self and others .Give and receiving full Basic session.
Intermediate Level IET“Clear your karmic habit patterns and limiting thinking”:
Receive Attunement to the Intermediate IET energy ray empower you to pull energy imprints out of the human energy field clearing energy imprints resulting from past life karma.
Advanced class Advanced Level IET “Live aligned with your soul’s passion and purpose in immense joy now and Manifest your dreams now.” Receive attunement, learn and practice 8 new clearing and manifestation processes for you and others.

Date: May 28, 29, 30, 2022
Time: 9:30 AM - 6PM all days
Instructor: Maria L'Aria Raa Kramer
Location Description: Located close to Manasota Key Beaches, it is the perfect location to step into your mastery and enjoy Sunny Floridas natural treasures. Area is filled with abundant nature preserves, bird sanctuaries, water activities, local farm market and fabulous dining in local restaurants.
Student Price: $888
Deposit: $250
Lunch Description: Maria will have light vibrant lunch available, coffee, tea and water all day. You can also bring something to share.
Maximum Number of Students: 6

Contact Details

Phone: 516-662-8819

About Maria Kramer

Maria L'Aria Raa is the founding Director of The Empowered Heart Center located in Venice FL, USA. L'Aria started her journey with IET in April 2002, became an IET Master-Instructor in 2003 and has been a Certified IET Master-Instructor Trainer since 2012. She is an ordained Interfaith Minister, Transformational Catalyst, Inspirational Speaker and Author. She facilitates private sessions, Angel classes, Self-Ascension events, Meditation, Empowerment workshops, in person, via Skype and Tele~conference. Maria’s life’s purpose is to guide others in reclaiming their Sovereign Free Divinity, empower them to heal themselves physically, mentally, emotionality, spiritually and financially. She is passionate about inspiring others to step out of the matrix of fear, discover, activate, and live their soul’s purpose and mission with ease, joy, fun, grace and witness others experience the beauty, love and return to wholeness that IET® offers.

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