Ariel’s Message about Competition

You are at a time of great Revelation, of great Revolution of great Resolution.

A message from Archangel Ariel Channeled by Maria Kramer on March 26, 2015

We are delighted for you to ask a question about competition at this time. You are at a time of great Revelation, of great Revolution of great Resolution. Are you ready beloved angels? For that is what you are. Pure angels in human body, serving the Divine in raising consciousness.

You are ALL on a Unified Mission and remember the purity of purpose and your promise and surrender ever deeper into that which you know is truth than ever before.

Revelation of truth is upon you ever more. You are all one. There is no one or mine or I. There is only the “WE” and when you work together as a team supporting each other as a unified entity of servers, the other does not matter. Let go of controlling of all remaining lack. Let the soul heart speak and lead you in the wholeness and oneness ever more.

Revolution. A great revolution is coming. Not just on the external. It is occurring more importantly in the internal as all rotten outdated fear based ways of looking at life, beliefs, fears and judgments must dissolve, for they cannot survive in a pure vibration of love that you are lifting into being. As you said YES to walking in the light, all the structures must break down and dissolve to make space for the light, love, crystalline structure that is you. You are being asked to choose. Which do you choose? The path of least resistance or the path of struggle and fighting for what you believe is right? Remember you cannot be right and happy at peace at the same time. It does not matter what you choose. We love you always either way. How do you wish to serve sweet angels? Remember soul always remains standing at the end of the day with a smile, no matter how hard the ego attempts to force it’s way to what it believes is the right of it. You are in the fight of your lives and gifted choices…. choices…. choices… many choices….!!

Resolution….. Allow the Resolve to birth forth from the heart of love on what is for the greater good of the whole instead of what is good for the self. Gift
yourselves and look at it from 10,000 feet elevation and see the bigger picture than the one in front of your narrow nearsighted vision.

I choose love instead of judgment!
I choose oneness instead of separation!
I choose love instead of fear!

There is much fear and lack consciousness in the mass consciousness at this time as the planes of both love and fear are expanding. We invite you to  unplug from the mass consciousness as YOU are the New Earth Teachers and guides. You are creating the new microcosm of New Earth Stewardship. As
you are able to step up into Being it with ALL parts of your being, the doing will take care of itself. What ever you focus on expands. Keep your eyes
peeled on the Divine at all times. Let NO thing or person derail your beloved Spirit and purpose. We are with you constantly. Always at your side and beck
and call. NO situation or task is too small to ask for guidance with. Ask yourselves to move through this period of time with greater ease and grace.

We invite you into deeper introspection for these questions so you may become clear and BE the love BE the light ever more.

What am I afraid of?
What is the last hold the ego has on me?
Then ask yourselves; what is wanted?
What is my purpose?
What do I stand to gain?
We love you. We are always here and have never and will never leave your side.