Angel Ariel

Angel Ariel is the first angel who Steve was aware of meeting. She appeared to him in 1996 in an IET session with Dr. Linda Sue Nathanson. That encounter not only converted him into a passionate believer in angels, but also opened his ability to channel Angel Ariel’s energy and words.

Angel Ariel is the overall healing angel of the Integrated Energy Therapy violet ray and she is an angel dedicated to healing us here in the earth plane. She is not trying to help us escape the earth plane, but rather, she is helping us to bring the energy and actions of the angelic realm into the earth plane. Her goal is to have us ascend without leaving our physical human body. She wants us to live the experience of heaven on earth.

Messages from Ariel : Stevan J. Thayer channels Angel Ariel and shares her wisdom with you. Please click here to read each message.

Need Angelic Support?  In today’s world, many people are in need of angelic support, guidance and help.  If you are such a person, a team of Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructors has volunteered  to donate their time to support you in your self-healing journey.

Angel Photos : Photographs with Angels “caught in the action” have been around for many years.  Here are a few that friends have sent in for us to share.