Journal of IET

The Journal of Energy Therapy is a monthly newsletter that is emailed to all IET Students whom we have emails for (and have not opted out) and is also available electronically here on the website in Portable Document Format (PDF). The Journal contains articles of interest, the schedule for Master-Instructor classes, and more. You can easily print it. The latest Journals are at the top.

Note that we have a similar newsletter called “Masters Matters” that contains not only the information from the Journal of Energy Therapy, but additional information that is only available to Master-Instructors.  Thus, if you are a Master-Instructor, and you are receiving the “Masters Matters” you do not need to sign up to also receive the Journal of Energy Therapy.

If you are an IET Student who is not currently receiving the Journal, and would like to receive the Journal of Energy Therapy by email, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

To download and view a document, click on the year, then the issue you wish to read.





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