11:11:11 The Unity Shift Portal and Ascension

There is a great deal of consciousness focused on the date of 11:11:11

A message from Angel Ariel, Channeled by Stevan J. Thayer

There is a great deal of consciousness focused on the date of 11:11:11 on your calendar. This global consciousness attests to the fact that the energy of the Transformational Shift is being felt within the hearts and lives of people throughout your world.

From an angelic perspective on this date of 11:11:11 there will be an energy shift, something we call the Unity Shift. This shift has been likened to a portal opening that will send a wave of the angelic energy that we call “Unity” to flow throughout your world. On 11:11:11 the flow of the energy of Unity will be so strong that it will invite people to enter into alignment and experience the Unity Shift.

When a person enters into the Unity Shift, they instantaneously move out of the Dimension of Fear and into the Dimension of Love. As this happens, their consciousness automatically changes its focus from the world around them to the world within them. They become heart center focused. They enter into a state of Homecoming in which their consciousness looks within their heart and feels the eternal energy of love that flows through it. They feel this energy radiating from their heart outward to all life. They feel a unity and connectedness with all life. They feel alive and at peace. The energy of joy will be alive within their heart and often reflect on their face as a gentle smile or laugh. There is no thought of time, for the shift brings them into the eternal now. There is no thought of fear, for the feeling of safety pervades them. There is an inner knowledge that everything is all right in their world and that the loving hand of Divinity will guide them in their life.

Most people have experienced the Unity Shift for brief moments in their life. These shifts have often been triggered by something in life that touches their heart and moves their soul. It may be something like watching a magnificent sunset, or the joy of seeing a newborn baby. It may be a passage in a holy book, or receiving an act of compassion. These shift come unexpectedly and are often fleeting.

The Unity Shift we are speaking about is the opportunity to consciously align yourself with the energy of Unity and shift your life into the Dimension of Love. These shifts may last from minutes, to hours, to days during which you will live in the Dimension of Love. Then, if you fall back into the Dimension of Fear, you can consciously re-align yourself with the energy of Unity and shift your life back into the Dimension of Love. The goal being that the shift becomes your natural state and you live your life within the Dimension of Love.

A term that has been associated with this Unity Shift is the term “ascension”. It is a fitting term to describe what can take place but it requires an explanation. Please do not think that on 11:11:11 that humanity will leave the earth plane and ascend into the angelic realm. What will happen is that on 11:11:11 every human heart will be invited to ascend to the vibration of Unity and every human life will be invited to ascend into the Dimension of Love.

The Unity Shift can also bring about a feeling of lightness similar to the feeling one gets when they take off a heavy load like a back pack they have been carrying. As soon as the load is gone, there is a feeling of floating upwards. In the Unity Shift it is not a heavy backpack that is being taken off, but rather, the heavy load of fear, worry, anxiety, uncertainty, and problems that are being let go of. The lightness that results can feel like ascending upwards.

The Unity Shift releases the illusion that you are separate from Divinity and embrace the truth that Divinity enlivens all life, that Divinity is within all life, and that Divinity directs and guides all life. It instills the truth that the same divinity that enlivens you, enlivens all life. The same desire to avoid pain and suffering that exists within you, exists within all people. The same desire to be healthy, happy, and fulfilled that exists within you, exists within all people.

When the energy of Unity flows through a life, that life is lived from a perspective that clearly sees the unity of all life. It clearly sees the world as a global family. It innately knows the sanctity of life and the need to care for all life. The energy of unity brings forth kindness in peoples’ lives and this kindness leads to compassionate actions.

It has been said that thought is creative and you are the thinker. The energy of Unity is designed to turn your heartfelt loving creative thoughts into reality. The energy of Unity responds more to your heart than to your mind. Your heart’s longings, wishes, hopes, and yearnings are what the energy of Unity responds best to. As it does, the energy of Unity will bring about an invitation to wonderful changes in your life. Doors will open to you and opportunities for you to step into the spotlight of your life will be extended to you. These changes may trigger fears within you that could shift you back to the Dimension of Fear. If this happens, simply re-align yourself with the energy of Unity and shift your life back into the Dimension of Love.

The Unity wave will flood your world for just over one of your years and will culminate on your calendar date of December 12, 2012. During this interval you will be able to repeatedly align yourself with the Unity energy, make the Unity Shift part of your daily life, and live your life in the Dimension of Love.

The most powerful way to align yourself with the Unity energy is by heartlinking first to your angels and then to the World Angel Grid. The World Angel Grid is a 10-layer fabric of angelic energy that makes angelic energy readily available to anyone who connects to it. The Unity wave will travel powerfully through the World Angel Grid. Whenever you heartlink to the World Angel Grid from 11:11:11 to 12:12:12 you will tap into the powerful flow of Unity energy. For optimal results, once you are Heartlinked to your angels and to the energy of Unity through the World Angel Grid it is best to enter into a state of Homecoming through our Homecoming process and then use your Crystal Key to unlock your Heart’s Code through our Unity in Action process. Then, simply surrender and allow yourself to enter into alignment with the energy of Unity. When you feel the peace, love, joy, equanimity, and aliveness flowing in your heart, you will know that you have made the shift.