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Stevan Thayer

Stevan J.Thayer is the founding director of The Center of Being, Inc. and the developer of Integrated Energy Therapy®. Stevan has been in holistic service since 1989, and is a certified White Light Reiki Master, Professional Rebirther, an ordained Interfaith Minister, nationwide speaker, instructor and lecturer.  He is also the author of the book "Interview With an Angel". Stevan and his work with IET have been nationally televised via the PBS Frontline Series and is spreading worldwide.

Stevan is currently focused on teaching IET through-out the world, and thus is unable to offer individual IET sessions.


Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor Training Class

Due to the need for expansion, the IET Master-Instructor classes are now taught by one of our IET Trainers.  It is open to students who have taken the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level IET classes and who would like to teach the IET technique to students in their area (or who wish to take it just for their own use!). The Instructors class is a 2-day training and details can be found by clicking here.

As a graduate of this Master-Instructor class, not only will you be eligible to teach your students how to feel and interpret energy flow in the nine primary cellular memory areas of the body. You will also be empowered to give your students the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level IET attunements. It should be noted that you will not, however, be empowered to give students the Instructors level IET attunement.

As an IET Master-Instructor you will be listed on the "Learn IET" website as well as receive the Masters Matters newsletter sent out by the Center of Being, Inc. Furthermore, you will have the ability to purchase and use the full line of IET training manuals and certificates in your IET classes. You will receive all updates to the IET method and you will become a member of the team that further refines IET into the future. As an additional activity, each year special IET instructor programs will be available to enhance your IET teaching skills and support your teaching practice.

For more information or to register for an IET class with Stevan, contact the Center of Being, Inc at 845-657-7220 or use our on-line registration form (link below)

Stevan is offering the following classes:


Date Class Country State City Start End Fee
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For a short description of the locations for Master-Instructor classes, see MI Class Locations.


If you would like to register for one of these classes on-line, please click HERE



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