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Need Angelic Support?

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In today's world, many people are in need of angelic support, guidance and help.  If you are such a person, a team of Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructors has volunteered  to donate their time to support you in your self-healing journey.  If you need assistance in healing a dis-ease, clearing and emotion, quieting a negative thought or manifesting your dream, we are here to help you.  Our team of Master-Instructors will serve as Earth Angels and bring the energy of Angel Ariel and the other healing angels to you.

Simply fill in the following request form.  Your information will automatically be forwarded through this website to our team of Master-Instructors who will each establish a heartlink with you and send you angelic IET energy to support you in your self-healing journey.  Note that you will not receive an individual email response.


How can we support you in your self-healing journey?

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Some Testimonials:

I only went into Angelic Support for the 1st time on Jan. 1st. My brother had a car accident on Dec. 22 and was hospitalized for Xmas and New Year with broken ribs, ulna and bruises. He had a series of car accidents last year. He was also incontinent and couldn't walk. He was asking to go home. However, the hospital phoned me to say that he was discharged but he couldn't walk and they couldn't let him home like that as he lives alone. I immediately put a request into Angelic support. An hour later, the hospital phoned to say that he is walking and to collect him and take him home. He is now walking perfectly! So much thanks to the Angels and to the human angels who thought of this wonderful idea!

A special note of thanks to you and the Earth Angels who provided support and reassurance with regard to the Basic and Intermediate classes I taught this past weekend. The classes went very well; the student evaluations reflect that.

I want to thank you and all the Earth Angels so very much for all the wonderful energy they have sent to me. It is truly and sincerely appreciated. You help me more than you could possibility know.
Please tell the Energy Angels thanks for all their help with my daughter, she is doing much, much better and will be released from the hospital probably at the end of next month. Please ask them to keep sending energy.
Please thank the IET Angels for their energy. Since I asked for their help, many doors have opened. I am excited to see where the angels will send me next. My life just keeps getting better thanks to IET and the IET Earth Angels.
I really want to say that your Angelic Support is about LOVE...It is about opening your heart to the expansion of our own divinity is about resurrecting the
Soul! I send you my appreciation and gratitude.

Disclaimer:  No medical claims are made as to the effect or outcome of our Earth Angel's efforts.  Our Earth Angels' support should be viewed as a complement to, rather than a replacement for, traditional medical approaches.  Each person is encouraged to be responsible in the use and choice of professional healing assistance as needed.



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Last modified: March 09, 2016